Quodd Heroes (1st Edition)
Quodd Heroes (1st Edition)
Quodd Heroes (1st Edition)

Quodd Heroes (1st Edition)

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Quodd Heroes heroes is a modular action strategy board game that plays like a classic platformer video game. 

Based around a truly original and innovative movement mechanic where you "tumble" you character and activate movement skills associated with each face of the character. It has been compared to games like the classic RoboRally or more recent Mechs vs. Minions, while it bears some similarities to these games it shines above both of these titles in its flexibility, player control and sheer originality. It also lacks the uncontrolled chaos that those games have in that players always have full control over their own character on their turn.

Quodd Heroes was awarded Dice Tower's coveted seal of approval!

Kickstarter Edition game includes:

  • 11 different stunningly detailed, ink washed character miniatures (2 of each character)
  • Punchboards: 9 (tokens, skill tiles, character upgrades, board elements and more)
  • 9 Gorgeous double-sided with special Spot-UV effects for water.
  • 3 shrink wrapped packs of standard sized cards containing: 34 world events, 33 Overlord cards, 95 card exploration deck (1,2,3 dot cards), 8 crystal cards (crystal icon: 6x bombzooka, transbobulator, crystal text kit), 6x treasure cards  (bag icon), 4x sheep launcher cards (4 dots).
  • 6 player reference cards
  • 11 character reference / buddy cards
  • 10 custom "bomb dice"
  • custom 6-sided die
  • custom 8-sided directional die
  • 10 sheep miniatures in 3 different colours (1 black, 3 grey(light brown), 6 white)
  • First player marker metal coin featuring Mayor Trixie
  • 12 acrylic crystal minatures (6 pink, 4 yellow, 2 blue)
  • 11 player boards (1 for each characters)
  • 20 page rulebook
  • 32 page scenario book

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